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Is The Cube the Right Choice for Your Home?

With no pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room, The Cube offers a faster, more flexible installation as the self-supporting home elevator simply rests on the existing ground floor.

With less modifications to the home, limitless possibilities await as this stylish residential elevator can be mounted almost anywhere inside the home.

Since introduced to the elevator industry in 2002, Pneumatic Elevators® have proven to be one of the most dependable & trusted accessibility solutions for single family homes.

a luxury house with a vacuum elevator inside
a luxury house with a vacuum elevator inside

Sleek & Safety First

Incorporating a symmetrical design with 360° degree visibility, The Cube is only 36” x 36” inch exterior dimension ensuring minimal space is occupied in the home.

In the event of power failure while in operation, the elevator car will automatically descend to the lowest level and the mechanical door lock opens to allow the passenger to safely exit.

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